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What to Do After a Car Accident


In the event of a car accident, it can be difficult to keep your mind straight and focused. The most crucial moments in a car accident, however, are the ones following the crash. In this blog, our Fort Worth car accident attorney explains what to do after a car accident.

Call For Medical Attention

Before assessing any damage to your car, make sure everyone involved in the accident is unharmed and call an ambulance for anyone who needs medical attention. If the other driver or any of the passengers are unconscious or seem as though they’ve suffered a back or neck injury, don’t try and move them. Any excessive movement can create a more serious injury.

Get Off the Road

Before gathering any information from the other driver, it’s important to keep yourself safe. Standing in the middle of the road surrounded by moving traffic is not the place to be discussing details of the accident. If possible, safely move yourself out of the way of traffic. If you can’t move your car, don’t force it. Call a tow truck to come and move it for you.

Be Careful With Your Words

After a car accident, avoid apologizing for anything at the scene. Some of the things you say can be considered admissions of guilt and you can be held legally liable for the accident. In the moments after a car crash, it’s not entirely clear who’s at fault for the accident and you only know one side of the story. Taking responsibility could be used against you in future proceedings.

Exchange Information

Information such as names, numbers, addresses, driver’s license numbers and license plate numbers are invaluable in the aftermath of a car crash. It can be easy to forget, but running your mind through this mental checklist can ensure that you have all the information needed in order to file a claim.

If you’re in need of a Forth Worth car accident attorney, call the Law Office of James M. Stanley at (817) 591-4222 to learn more about your case.

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