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Five Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Summer


Swimming pools are a fun and popular way to beat the heat during the summer months. When Mother Nature cranks up the temperature, a swimming pool can provide hours of fun, good exercise, and keep you cool. If you’re like millions of others around the country, you probably plan on visiting your local pool or diving in to the one in your own backyard at least once this summer. However, before you do, it’s important to know the risks pools can carry and how to avoid them at all costs. Here are a few important safety tips you and your kids should follow at all times while at the pool, whether public pool or your own yard.

Stay Away from Drains & Filters

Pools are constantly cycling water through a filtration system to keep it clean and sanitary for swimming, and this is usually done through drains found at its deepest point. These drains are required by law to be shielded by an approved cover, but nonetheless these drains are still risky. The current of the water flowing into these drains has been found to pull young children down by their clothes or even longer hair, holding and trapping them underwater.

If you’re a pool owner, make sure you have these approved covers installed in your pool, and always make sure young swimmers know to stay well away from these drains.

Have Lifesaving Equipment Ready

When someone runs into trouble while in the water, acting quickly can save their life and prevent a serious injury. For this reason, all life-saving equipment, such as floatation devices or life preservers, should be easily accessible and in good working conditions at all times. Make sure your kids know that these devices are not toys and should not be touched except in an emergency.

Enforce Pool Rules at All Times

Pool rules exist for a reason. Almost everyone has been yelled at by a lifeguard for running around a pool deck, but this is because a deck can be extremely slippery when they get wet, and a slippery deck could cause serious injuries. Likewise, diving into the shallow end of a pool could cause a serious head or neck injury. Make sure everyone knows which end of the pool is safe for diving and never let kids go head first where the water depth is not suitable.

Finally, never allow young kids to swim without supervision, even for just a moment. Make sure there is always a capable swimmer in the area to supervise.

If you are injured while at a swimming pool, you may be able to hold the pool operator responsible. Call the Law Office of James M. Stanley today at (817) 591-4222 to discuss your legal options.
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