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June is National Safety Month!


June is here and that means it’s National Safety Month! In observance of this designation, the National Safety Council will be focusing on reducing some of the leading causes of injury and death found across the country. Each week, the NSC will focus on a different topic and provide information on how best to handle these major issues. Let’s take a look at each topic and provide just a brief overview of some of the things that will be discussed with each of them, as well as discuss how each could result in a potential personal injury case.

Week 1: “Stand Up to Falls”

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death in workplaces, notably in the construction industry. Anytime someone’s feet leave the ground below them, such as to climb a ladder, go up a set of stairs, or even to simply stand on a stool to place something on a top shelf, the odds of a fall injury increase exponentially. This week’s material will focus on how to properly train employees for using ladders and step-up equipment, as well as discuss what can lead to these fall accidents and injuries.

Because fall injuries are so common and can have such devastating effects, it’s important that you speak with an attorney about your case if you suffer from one. Fall injuries can come in many forms, and they don’t always occur from height. In many cases, falls can occur simply because of a cable or material left on an open floor that isn’t noticed and tripped over. Uncovered ditches or cracks that cause someone to fall and become injured are also sources of liability. If you are injured on the job due to a fall, ask a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer about filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Week 2: “Recharge to Be In Charge”

Perhaps one of the biggest risk factors for on-the-job injuries is one that is also hard for employers to control: fatigue. With the rising cost of living across the country, many workers find themselves needing to take on two jobs to make ends meet. While this may not seem like a major issue, it often leads to sleep deprivation and increased mental strain. Fatigue can cause simple lapses in concentration that can have potentially disastrous results, particularly in the event of driving or operating heavy machinery or performing a critical task.

Employers are encouraged to constantly monitor their employees and review their policies to make sure they promote a healthy, restful lifestyle. Workplaces that require their employees to work long hours for multiple days in a row, or often have employees switch between the morning and night shifts could find that their employees are at a much greater risk for injury than those who give their workers a chance to comfortably rest for seven to eight hours per night.

Week 3: “Prepare for Active Shooters”

Firearms are constantly in the news, and we unfortunately hear far too often about individuals using them for unscrupulous purposes, causing devastating injuries or possibly even deaths. While the systems in place are designed to try to keep firearms out of the hands of those who might with to cause harm to another, they aren’t perfect, and active shooters in any space present a clear and present threat to anyone around.

This week’s material will deal with how to barricade yourself in a room in order to prevent an active shooter from getting access to you. It also goes over how not to draw attention to yourself, and how to signal for help if you find yourself under threat.

Week 4: “Don’t Just Sit There”

When it comes to workplace health risks, sitting for hours per day is perhaps one of the largest ones. Sitting stagnant for eight or more hours per day while on a computer can cause numerous health problems, including encouraging weight gain, increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease, and much more. The NSC and numerous other commissions all agree: taking a break, getting up, and walking around for a few minutes every few hours can help you remain much healthier.

This week’s topics will explain how you can add some extra movement to your workday and encourage a healthier lifestyle when you work at a desk. Ergonomic keyboard positions, standing desks, monitor positioning, and more will all be heavily-emphasized, as well as some of the technology and new devices being used to encourage more ergonomic and posture-friendly practices that can keep workers happier, healthier, and even more energetic while maintaining their productivity.

If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, discuss your legal options with qualified and proven legal counsel today! Call the Law Office of James M. Stanley today at 817-591-4222 to request a consultation and begin discussing your options for free!
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