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Tips to Prevent Industrial Accidents


Industrial jobs are some of the most hazardous because of the circumstances the workers are in every day. Industrial workers use heavy machinery and dangerous chemicals that can cause serious injury should anyone be negligent in any way. The Law Office of James M. Stanley has compiled five tips to help you prevent accidents in your workplace. Have you been in a serious work accident? Contact us today for a free consultation with a Fort Worth injury attorney.

1. Obey Safety Requirements

One of the main causes of injuries and accidents on the job is failure to comply with safety regulations. If you are an employer, then be sure to provide proper safety training for your employees and post warnings and instructions throughout the workspace to ensure that your employees know what they should and shouldn’t be doing. If you are an employee, make sure you know what the rules are and that you follow them – because even when a safety precaution seems ridiculous, it’s in place because it has prevented injury (or death) in the past.

2. Communicate

Another way to help prevent accidents on the job is to be in constant communication with other workers in your area. If you are working with heavy machinery, make sure everyone knows what you’re planning to do. If you need to walk through a hard hat zone, make sure you talk to someone and know what work is being done in the area so that you are on the alert.

3. Provide/Get Proper Training

As an employer, make sure your workers know what they are doing. Provide proper training to anyone who is going to use heavy machinery, chemicals, or dangerous products of any kind. As an employee, make sure you know how to properly use a machine, a chemical, or any other dangerous product – never assume you can figure it out yourself.

4. Keep Machinery & Equipment in Working Order

When was the last time your machine got a tune-up? Does it have any parts that need replacing? Is there damage that you don’t know about? Always make sure you are using a machine that has been recently inspected and has received proper maintenance and repairs before you take it out on the job.

5. Don’t Take Shortcuts

Faster isn’t always better, especially when safety can be jeopardized. Do your work the right way and always make sure to keep safety your number one priority, even if it takes a little longer. You could save a life – possibly even yours.

Have you been in an industrial accident? Call ( 817) 591-4222 for a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer!

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