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Can I File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit?


For more than four decades, the medical industry was suspicious about the use of talcum powder being linked to the development of ovarian cancer. Now, thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson—the world’s leading talcum powder manufacturer—by more than 9,000 women, which has—so far—resulted in almost $5 billion awarded to plaintiffs of these cases.

How is Talcum Powder Connected to Cancer?

The initial study which made the connection was performed in 1971 when researchers discovered that talc particles were found in 75 percent of ovarian cancer tumors. 10 years later, a researcher from Harvard University found a 30-percent increase in ovarian cancer in women who frequently used talc products. J&J released an internal memo in 1997, which revealed they were aware of the issue but avoided discontinuing or labeling their products because the risk was too low.

Grounds to Filing a Claim

If you are interested in filing a claim, the following are the qualifications that determine whether a talcum powder lawsuit has legal grounds:

You Have Been Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer caused by talcum powder is linked to women use these products for feminine hygiene. The particles from the powder enter the female reproductive system, traveling and attaching to the ovaries, where they remain for years. Due to inflammation, talc particles increase the likelihood of ovarian cancer growth.

You Use Talcum Products Frequently

If you have a history of using talc products like Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and/or Shower to Shower for perineal dusting, you may be eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit. You must have used these products repeatedly for a long period of time. When the number of years of use increases, so does the chances of developing ovarian cancer.

You Have Been Diagnosed Within the Past Two Years

In Texas, the statute of limitations to file a product liability or any other personal injury lawsuit is two years. In other words, you must bring your lawsuit no later than two years after the day the diagnosis was made.

How Our Team Can Help You

A talcum powder lawsuit can help you recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses caused by ovarian cancer. Not only does a successful lawsuit provide compensation to help you and your family get your lives back on track, but also hold powerful corporations accountable for the safety of their consumers and dishonest business practices.

Contact our attorney at the Law Office of James M. Stanley for more information about talcum powder lawsuits today. Consultations are free!

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