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Holiday Driving: Which Holidays Are the Most Dangerous?


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Most all of us look forward to holidays throughout the year. They provide relaxation, fun, a time to be with family and friends, and a chance to enjoy the seasons. However, holidays have a downside when it comes to traffic accident statistics. Unfortunately, they are known to be days when traffic injuries and fatalities occur more often than during the rest of the year. Various reasons explain these increased numbers which this blog will highlight. We will also review what are considered the most dangerous holidays for driving based on information from such agencies as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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The Most Dangerous Holidays

Researchers such as have asserted that the Fourth of July is the most dangerous of all holidays in the U.S. This is based on the fact that they had the highest number of fatal accidents from 2016 through 2018 which was 1,349. Independence Day was followed by Memorial Day, ranking second, and Labor Day, ranking third. These holidays often take place over a long weekend that puts more cars on the road. They are also days when the population tends to drink more which puts more “buzzed” and drunk drivers on the road. Thus, more serious accidents.

While the above three holidays can be deadly, other agencies have pointed to Christmas and the few days just before Christmas Day that are intense shopping days. This also puts more traffic on U.S. roads and highways and often in perilous weather. The NHTSA has reported that December 23 – 26 are two of the most dangerous days because of the above factors. Shopping stress and alcohol usage also contribute to the accidents that occur around Christmas.

How to Stay Safe on Holidays

Everyone can take steps to reduce the risk of traffic accidents that surge over holiday weekends. Simple common sense actions can help you keep yourself and your family safe when traveling.

These include the following:

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Drinking too much often leads to poor decisions and bad judgment. When drinking on the holidays, ensure that you eat enough food and drink more than enough water to compensate. Knock off the drinking a few hours before you intend to drive to your destination.
  • Make one member of your party the designated driver when traveling. That person, who refrains from alcohol, can ensure that all members of your group get back and forth without unnecessary risk.
  • Take advantage of ridesharing programs, such as Uber and Lyft. If you don’t want to be restricted from alcohol at holiday parties and get-togethers, a rideshare driver can ferry you and others around; these services are easy to use, convenient, and leave the driving to others.
  • When hosting a holiday party, take responsibility for your guests. Don’t let anyone who you know has had too much alcohol get in their car to drive off. Insist on someone else taking them home, such as another friend, a taxi, or a rideshare driver.

The Law Office of James M. Stanley

Being involved in a traffic accident caused by a negligent driver, whether that driver is drunk, drug-impaired, drowsy, distracted, or failing to obey traffic laws, can be a devastating event. Even minor injuries resulting in whiplash can lead to weeks of pain and discomfort that makes it difficult to work. Ensuring that you get the compensation you need in the wake of a negligence-based accident is paramount. In Fort Worth, you can turn to our firm where we have been serving clients with injury claims since 1976. That has given us a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be used on your behalf in negotiating or litigating your case.

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