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Should I Get a Dash Camera Installed in My Car?


If you are involved in a car accident that was not your fault, dash camera footage has been proven to be an excellent source of evidence in an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. The footage would effectively prove that you were not at fault and would also help demonstrate how the car accident resulted in your injuries.

A dash cam, or a dashboard-mounted camera, is designed to record everything that happens when you drive onto an SD card. They’re extremely popular in countries where vehicle insurance fraud is prevalent, like Russia, but many American drivers are now wondering if they should have a dash cam on hand in case they’re injured in a car accident and need to hold the at-fault driver responsible.

Pros & Cons of Dash Cams

Sometimes photographs of the damage to the vehicles involved fail to show the full impact of the collision. By contrast, video evidence will record all of the events leading up to the crash. Additionally, in more serious accidents, people are not always able to take pictures of the scene of the crash or the cars involved. If you have a dash cam, you will always have a video of what occurred, whether or not you are severely injured or not.

If, however, you are at fault, having a dash camera can be also harmful to your case. Your dash cam footage may be considered discoverable in a lawsuit, meaning that the other party may have access to it and use it as evidence against you. Additionally, having footage of your accident doesn’t guarantee that it will be used in your case.

And though dash cams often show accidents occurring, they may not provide enough evidence to explain why the accident occurred, and it’s known that the “why” is important in determining whether a driver can be held liable for damages. At the very least, though, dash cams can show how severe an accident is.

At the Law Office of James M. Stanley, dash camera footage has proven to be extremely helpful for our clients. Several of our clients with dash cameras installed in their vehicles have provided us with their footage to help us prove that they were not at fault and how forceful the impact was. It is particularly helpful in cases where liability is difficult to prove. For instance, video evidence can determine who ran the red light or who changed lanes into whom. Video evidence is important with regard to negotiations with the insurance adjuster. In most cases involving dash cam footage, the settlement offers are substantially higher when video evidence is available.

Call Us for Guidance

Need more guidance on whether you should purchase a dash cam? Have you been injured in an auto accident recently and have dash cam footage or need assistance gathering additional evidence? Look no further than the Law Office of James M. Stanley. With years of experience handling and settling car accident claims, we know how to investigate all kinds of accidents and gather evidence from witness statements to medical records. With the medical bills and property damage costs that come with suffering injuries in a car collision, you can’t afford to not recover the full amount of compensation you need. Entrust your case to a law firm that has a long track record of success – call our car accident attorneys today.

Call (817) 591-4222, or contact us onlinefor a free consultation if you’ve been injured on the road. Our team can get to work right away to determine who caused your accident and whether they can be held responsible for negligence.

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