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Types of Car Accidents


There's a lot of ways to get hurt on the road, but when it comes to negligence and driver error, some collisions are more common than others. Below, we take a look at the most common types of auto accidents and what role negligence plays in making them possible.

Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common car accidents and often happen at low speeds, during stop-and-go traffic. Even at these low speeds, however, these accidents are notorious for causing back and neck injuries due to whiplash. Often, it's the driver in the rear car who fails to stop and is responsible for the collision—however, in some cases, a sudden stop by a leading car be to blame.

Merging Accidents/Side-Swipes

Moving from one lane to another is one of the most delicate maneuvers one can make on the road and drivers need to be acutely aware of the adjacent lane as they do so. Unfortunately, not all motorists are vigilant when they merge or change lanes and can collide with other vehicles. On highways in particular, this can be extremely dangerous.

T-Bone Accidents

In these accidents, one car will hit the side doors of another car (forming a "T"). These collisions are common at intersections when one car proceeds while ignoring traffic lights or signage and, because the impact occurs directly where occupants are seated in the car, they are known for causing serious, even life-threatening injuries.

Head-On Collisions

Few types of accidents are as dangerous as head-on collisions. While fairly uncommon, they do occur and often result in catastrophic injuries and death. It usually takes a remarkable amount of recklessness or driver error for these accidents to occur. Fatigue, impaired driving, and distracted driving can all cause drivers to drift across a double line and cause one of these accidents.

Were you hurt by another driver in one of the collisions described above? If so, our team at the Law Office of James M. Stanley is ready to hear from you. Our dedicated and effective Fort Worth car accident attorneys have been recovering compensation for injury victims since 1976. We know how to compellingly put forth a claim and ensure that the gravity of our clients' injuries is vividly conveyed before the law.

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