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Lane Splitting and Motorcycle Accidents


Is Lane Splitting Legal in Texas?

Lane splitting isn’t yet legal in Texas. Lane splitting refers to motorcycles driving between lanes of slow-moving or stopped cars. This practice tends to be particularly hazardous in states where lane-splitting is still looked on as an illegal or unsanctioned practice. The Texas legislature is considering two bills that could change this law.

Senate Bill 288

Senate Bill 288 would allow lane splitting in some circumstances, such as the following:

  • On controlled-access highways clearly marked and divided into two or more lanes
  • When traffic congestion is in evidence
  • When driving in the same direction as traffic
  • When traffic is moving at twenty miles per hour or less
  • When one’s driving speed doesn’t exceed traffic’s by more than five miles per hour

If this law passes, bikers will have a much easier time pursuing personal injury cases if they were lane splitting legally. Currently, people can still file lawsuits if they were injured by negligence or carelessness, but they might share liability for the accident if they were lane splitting.

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