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5 Most Common Auto Part Defects


While most car accidents are caused by driver error and hazards on the road, there are some which result from auto part defects. Every year, tens of millions of vehicles have been recalled due to a variety of defects, which leaves plenty of opportunities for motorists to get involved in serious collisions and suffer potentially fatal injuries.

The following are the five most common auto part defects in the United States:

  • Airbags – While airbags are considered one of the most essential safety features in modern automobiles and provide ample cushion to prevent fatal injuries in a crash. However, there is a wide range of airbag defects. For instance, they can fail to deploy when they’re supposed to, causing life-threatening injuries. On the other hand, they can deploy when they’re not supposed to, potentially resulting in an accident and bodily harm.
  • Brakes – The brake system can fail, causing the driver to lose the ability to stop the vehicle. In many cases, brake failure can lead to serious collisions since motorists are traveling at high speeds prior to impact. Modern vehicles equipped with dual brake systems reduce the risk of brake failure. In the event one circuit fails, the other is capable of ensuring the car continues to safely brake.
  • Steering – There are issues with various steering components, from the power steering system to hydraulics and wiring. Losing the control the vehicle is a terrifying experience, no matter the amount of driving experience a person has.
  • Tires – Tires can become defective during the manufacturing process. Common types of tire defects include unexpected blowouts, tire rot, de-treating, tread separation, and ruptures.
  • Seatbelts – Seatbelt defects can not only lead to severe injuries to adult car occupants, but may also compromise the safety of child car seats which are secured by seatbelts. When any part of the seatbelt fails, especially when an accident occurs, it can put the lives of those inside the vehicle at risk.

Rather than file a personal injury claim against a person, the process of recovering entitled compensation may involve multiple parties, such as the vehicle manufacturer, the auto part manufacturer, or another entity responsible for a victim’s injuries. Due to the complexities associated with product liability claims, having an experienced attorney on your side can make a positive impact. At the Law Office of James M. Stanley, our Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can fight for what you deserve, while you focus on making the best recovery from injury possible.

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