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5 Most Common Workplace Injuries


Whether you work in an office or a construction site, every worker in Texas and throughout the United States is vulnerable to an injury on the job. Understanding common workplace injuries can help employees prevent from being involved in an unfortunate accident.

The following are the five most common workplace injuries:

  • Slips, trips, and falls – Accounting for approximately one-third of all workplace injuries, they often occur when an employee slips on a wet surface or trips over something on the ground. The types of injuries suffered in a slip, trip or fall accident include head injuries, back injuries, broken bones, lacerations, as well as sprains and strains. If you spot a slippery surface or tripping hazard on the floor, either clean it up or report it to ensure the proper signage warns people of the potential hazard.
  • Struck by falling objects – Whether the object fell from a tall shelf or many stories high, the impact can cause serious and even fatal injuries, often involving the head. Employee diligence and safety equipment such as hard hats can keep workers safe. In an office setting, it is best to remind employees how to properly store items.
  • Motor vehicle accidents – Employees who drive as part of their work duties can suffer injuries in a vehicle accident, some of which can be severe and deadly. Employees should take extra precaution by attending driver training, wearing seatbelts, and obeying the state traffic laws to avoid collisions from happening.
  • Machinery entanglement – Employees who work with heavy machinery may be susceptible to entanglement, which can occur when a worker’s body part or their clothing is caught in the moving components of a machine. Attention to detail and protective equipment are necessary to avoid such accidents.
  • Repetitive stress injuries – While many workplace injuries stem from a single traumatic incident, others occur over a long period of time. Many jobs require workers to perform the same tasks over and over again. The repetitive motions of the job duties can lead to injuries such as muscle strain, vision issues, and carpal tunnel syndrome. To reduce the chances of repetitive stress injuries, employees must take frequent breaks, switch up routines, and use the proper ergonomic equipment.

A workplace injury can result in high medical costs, lost wages from missing time from work, and even permanent injuries that prevent you from returning to your normal job duties. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help you obtain workers’ compensation to recover financial compensation.

If you have suffered a workplace injury in Fort Worth, contact the Law Office of James M. Stanley and request a free consultation today.

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