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Latest Automotive Technology Keeping Teen Drivers Safe


From speeding and distractions to inexperience and plain recklessness, teen drivers are more prone to being involved in car accidents compared to older and more experienced motorists. While there are several apps available to help teens stay focused on the primary task of driving, auto manufacturers are also doing their part to prevent collisions by including high tech safety features in all their vehicles.

The following are several driving tools developed by car makers to prevent teen driving accidents:

  • Ford MyKey – This technology created by Ford helps teenagers become more responsible drivers. MyKey can disable phone calls and text messages while your child is driving through the “do not disturb” feature, prohibit your child from driving at a high speed, ensure your teen is wearing a seatbelt at all times, set the volume of the radio to a certain limit, and warn your teen if he/she is driving in a restricted area or on low fuel. In addition, your teen cannot disable the blind spot assistance and forward collision notifications. In order to activate MyKey, just program your child’s key to a restricted driving setting.
  • Chevrolet Teen Driver – In addition to the music volume and speed feature similar to MyKey, Teen Driver is the first built-in program to have an in-vehicle report card which enables parents to monitor their child’s driving. The report card tracks information including when the maximum speed is reached, how far your child has driven, when your child is tailgating, and when the anti-lock brakes are used. Upon seeing the report card, you have the power to correct your child’s driving habits. Teen Driver is included in most models such as Cruze, Malibu, Tahoe, Colorado, Traverse, Suburban, and more.
  • Hyundai Blue Link – Just like the other two, Blue Link enables you to set limits on incoming communications and the vehicle’s speed. Other features this program has includes a curfew alert when your child uses the vehicle outside the set curfew, an alert when your child presses the panic button on the key fob, and even a valet alert when the vehicle is not in a set area. Most models have Blue Link such as Santa Fe, Sonata, Coupe, Genesis, Veloster, and Azera.

If you are interested in buying a new car for your teenager, consider purchasing one equipped with teen driving safety features to protect your child and obtain peace of mind.

If your child has been involved in a car accident in Fort Worth, contact our experienced legal team at the Law Office of James M. Stanley today.

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