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Car accidents often result in extremely serious injuries that range from broken bones and loss of limbs to back injuries and disfigurement. Victims of car wrecks usually end up facing significant medical bills, severe pain, and the inability to work for an extended period of time. In extreme car accident cases, these accidents result in fatal injuries.

If you experienced an injury because of a negligent driver, you may be entitled to legal compensation. While some personal injury victims choose to represent themselves, having an experienced Fort Worth car accident lawyer represent you can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you recover. Our personal injury law firm has been serving the community since 1976 and can help you next.

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How Much is Your Car Accident Case Worth?

Every car accident is different, therefore every car accident will have a different value. There are no hard and fast rules which dictate how much an insurance settlement will be or how much a jury will award. The value of your car accident case will ultimately depend on the strength of your accident case and the specific circumstances of your injuries. It is important to consult with a Fort Worth car accident attorney to get a more accurate representation of your eligible compensation.

Factors that may influence your car accident case's value include:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The cost of your medical treatments
  • The number of wages and income your injuries have caused you to lose
  • The amount of evidence and documentation proving the cause of the accident
  • The strength of your legal representation

Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Lawsuits in Texas

All states have limits on the amount of time you have to take legal action after being harmed by another party. This is commonly referred to as a "statute of limitations" which sets a hard deadline on all personal injury claims, including those related to car accidents. This helps make sure important evidence doesn’t get lost, and that any witnesses who are called to testify are recalling recent memories.

How Long Do You Have to Sue for a Car Accident in Texas?

In Texas, you have two years to file a lawsuit against the person or party responsible for your car accident in pursuit of compensation. If you do not file a claim before the statute of limitations period expires, you lose your fight to seek legal action. Since the statute of limitations can make or break your accident case, it is important to act quickly after a car crash and retain powerful legal representation to ensure that you are compliant with all applicable deadlines.

Is Texas a No-Fault State?

Texas is not a “no-fault” state for car insurance. On the contrary, it is considered an “at fault” or “comparative fault” state, which means that insurance companies will evaluate fault in an accident before providing coverage and the “at-fault” drivers’ insurers will cover any damages.

In other states, “no-fault” coverage allows insurers to provide coverage to their respective parties, no matter who is at fault.

Because they will be expected to cover the damages of any car accident they cause, Texas drivers are required to carry these policy minimums:

  • $25,000 for property damage
  • $30,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $60,000 per accident for bodily injury

If you carry insurance in Texas, your policy will pay for the other party’s medical bills and property damage any time an accident is your fault. Similarly, if the other party causes a collision, their insurer will pay for your lost property and medical treatments.

Sometimes, the fault is split into percentages. A 50% fault accident is considered a “no-fault” accident and each party’s insurer will take care of them privately. If someone else is 100% at-fault for your accident, you will be able to collect 100% of the insurance payout, but your payout may be reduced if they are only 75% at fault.

Many drivers prefer to pay for additional coverage, so they are fully covered in the event of an accident. One example of additional coverage is insurance for uninsured or underinsured drivers. When you carry this coverage, your insurer may be able to make up for whatever another party’s insurance policy cannot cover.

If you need help dealing with insurance companies, our firm is here to help!

What is Modified Comparative Negligence

Breaking fault down into percentages, as we’ve discussed above, creates a unique system of negligence in Texas. Even if someone else behaved carelessly, your actions can be brought into question if they weren’t 100% by the book.

For instance, if someone else was texting while driving, but you made an unsafe lane change, your lane change might be used against you when determining negligence, even though the other driver’s behavior was the primary cause of the accident.

We call this section of Texas law “comparative negligence” or “proportionate responsibility.”

Unfortunately, comparative negligence can affect your settlement. However, with the help of our attorneys, you may be able to securely and fully establish the other party’s responsibility.

How to Properly Deal with the Insurance Company

Whatever you do, do not accept the first offer from an insurance company without consulting an attorney. Insurance companies try to limit how much they pay out, which can result in an offer that does not adequately cover your injuries. With experienced legal counsel by your side, you can be confident in receiving your fair share of compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and damages to your property.

Some things you should be aware of when dealing with insurance companies after a car accident:

  • Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators, first and foremost. While they may seem friendly and helpful, they never forget that they are primarily concerned with protecting the interests of the insurance company.
  • Insurance companies are not obligated to treat you fairly or promptly. Even if you and the other driver cooperate fully, they may still deny your claim.
  • Do not be surprised if the insurer asserts you are exaggerating your injuries or claims they are part of a pre-existing condition. Always keep copies of medical records pertaining to your treatment as evidence.
  • Anything you say to an insurance adjuster can and will be used against you. Be mindful of what you say.
  • If you do not accept the insurance company's first offer, they may begin to ignore you or intentionally delay your claim. Hiring an attorney is the best way to keep your claim on track.

Can I File A Car Accident Claim After Insurance Pays?

Once you accept any insurance settlement it is usually difficult to recover more compensation, since most settlements specifically state that the amount agreed upon will be the only money paid to the injured party. If you have already signed an agreement, however, you may still have options. Call an accident attorney at our Fort Worth law firm today to learn about what next steps you can take.

Car Accident Cases We Handle

There are a number of negligent and reckless actions that can cause a car crash. Our Fort Worth law firm has handled many different car accident cases involving:

No matter what caused your car accident, or what types of vehicles were involved, we want to discuss your options to see if we can help you recover the compensation you are owed!

Why Hire Us?

At the Law Office of James M. Stanley, our Fort Worth auto accident team can fight to obtain the maximum compensation possible on your behalf. We approach every case with comprehensive investigations and diligent preparation.

No matter how your accident was caused or who was involved, we will not stop until we identify all responsible parties. In every single case we take on, we always prepare as if we are going to trial. This sends a message to the insurance companies that we are serious about your case.

We can help you craft the most compelling case by:

  • Reviewing police reports
  • Reviewing medical records of the treatment you received
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Accessing traffic camera footage
  • Investigating the history of the other driver
  • Reviewing cell phone records

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When you need effective and compassionate guidance, you can count on the Law Office of James M. Stanley. Even though car wrecks are common, your injuries should not be taken lightly. Secure legal representation from an experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney immediately!

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  • Electrocution involving Defective Product

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  • Wrongful Death caused by Employer Negligence

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  • Grandmother seriously injured when rear-ended by 18-wheeler oil

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  • Wrongful Death due to Employer Negligence

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  • Wrongful Death caused by Employer Negligence.

    NET TO CLIENT $841,000.00

  • Catastrophic Injury caused by Defective Product.

    NET TO CLIENT $714,000.00

  • Wrongful Death caused by Employer Negligence

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  • Serious injury caused by 18-Wheeler blocking road

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  • Wrongful Death caused by Medical Malpractice.

    NET TO CLIENT $443,360.00

  • Wrongful Death and Survival Action

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  • Wrongful Death of a Fetus and Serious Personal Injury

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  • Wrongful Deaths

    NET TO CLIENT $532,211.06

  • Wrongful Death of a child

    NET TO CLIENT $499,266.40

  • Serious injuries to driver of 18-wheeler

    NET TO CLIENT $465,230.35

  • Wrongful Death caused by Medical Malpractice.

    NET TO CLIENT $359,520.00

  • Wrongful Death of a Child

    NET TO CLIENT $303,070.11

  • Wrongful Death of a Child

    NET TO CLIENT $380,345.57

  • Wrongful Death caused by physician negligence

    NET TO CLIENT$345,526.90

  • Serious Personal Injury

    NET TO CLIENT $352,813.23

  • Wrongful Death of a Child

    NET TO CLIENT $320,706.81

  • Medical negligence by hospital

    NET TO CLIENT $284,156.68

  • Wrongful Death Alcohol-Related Accident

    NET TO CLIENT $341,061.50

*The amounts reflected are the actual dollar amounts received by clients after deduction of attorney’s fees and expenses.