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Can I Get Texas Workers' Compensation for Repetitive Strain Injuries?


Millions of people suffer workplace injuries every year. Although a large portion of these injuries occurs as a result of a single traumatic event, such as a fall or a machinery accident, many work-related injuries develop gradually over an extended period of time. These types of injuries are known as repetitive stress injuries or repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

Since more and more jobs involve computers, RSIs have become commonplace in today’s workforce. Spending hours a day typing and working on the computer can place stress on muscles and tendons in the hands, wrists, and arms, often resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), bursitis, and tendonitis.

Furthermore, workers who perform physical labor are also at risk of developing RSIs. Constant bending, lifting, and even standing for long hours at a time can wear the body down.

Fortunately, repetitive stress injuries may qualify for benefits under the Texas workers’ compensation system. In order to receive workers’ comp benefits, employees must make a timely incident report to their human resources department and/or to their company’s insurance carrier to begin the claims process. Workers may need to undergo an Independent Medical Examination by a doctor chosen by the workers’ comp insurers. If the RSIs are not considered preexisting and are related to the physical activity on the workplace, employees can receive benefits such as medical treatment payment, weekly compensation benefits, permanent impairment benefits, and vocational rehabilitation.

However, nearly half of workers who obtained a settlement or award for RSIs received an initial denial of their claims. Simply put, denials of these types of claims are not uncommon. Since these injuries develop slowly over time, it can be more difficult to prove that the injury was caused by work.

Keep in mind, getting your claim denied is not the end. Hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of obtaining a large settlement and award.

At the Law Office of James M. Stanley, our Fort Worth workers’ compensation attorney can help develop a strong case to obtain the benefits you deserve. Throughout the claims process, we can protect your right and best interests and help you avoid the pitfalls of the claims process.

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