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Travel Safety Tips for Employees


Domestic and international business travelers should be prepared for more than their work-related endeavors. They should also prepare for their own safety and security, as well as always remain vigilant to their surroundings.

Here are several traveling tips to consider before embarking on your business trip:

  • Conduct research – Know what to anticipate when you arrive at your destination, around your hotel, and which areas to explore if you have free time. If you are traveling internationally, go to the State Department website to learn if there are any warning bulletins for the country.
  • Pack light – Travel lightly to get in and out of the airport as quickly as possible. Not only does carrying heavy luggage slow you down, but it could also make you an easy target for theft.
  • Give a loved one or friend photocopies of your important documents – Take pictures of important items such as your driver’s license, passport, credit card, and your itinerary for the trip.
  • Only take one credit/debit card and a small amount of cash – Any unnecessary credit cards and jewelry should be left at home.
  • Purchase an international phone plan – If you’re going to another country, do not hesitate to buy an international phone plan in the event of an emergency.

The following are some tips for traveling:

  • Keep your cellphone or phone cards within reach – When an emergency occurs, being able to contact your loved ones or the proper authorities can be done immediately.
  • Travel with companions, if possible – If you plan on traveling to a busy and risky area, stay in groups to avoid theft and even kidnapping.
  • Dress like a local – Avoiding looking noticeably like an out-of-towner or foreigner and attempt to blend in with the locals.
  • Avoid getting sick – Constantly use hand sanitizer and wash your hands to prevent picking up germs from touching surfaces. Stay hydrated on the trip by drinking plenty of water and avoid alcohol. If you exercise, stick to your routine. Getting plenty of rest will also reduce the likelihood of getting sick after your trip.

Once you arrive at your destination, follow these safety tips:

  • Protect your luggage – Never leave your luggage unattended and guard it carefully wherever you go.
  • Protect your business – Don’t mention your name, hotel room number, and your business to any strangers.
  • Learn about your hotel’s security – Find out the hotel security’s phone number and ask if they are available 24/7 for any emergencies.
  • Take extra precautions – Whether it’s for room service or cleaning, ask the hotel to give you a call before they arrive at your room to avoid opening the door to strangers.

If you have suffered an injury while traveling for business, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. For more information, contact our Fort Worth workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Office of James M. Stanley today.

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